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               LIMITED INVENTORY

                                      Flavor Samplers consist of a mix of:


Peanut Butter Smash*

Nutterbutter peanut butter/cookie filling with Nutterbutter, Reeses Cups, Milka Chocolate, Reese's Peanut Butter Chips and might have some other fixings on it. A peanut butter explosion with rich milk chocolate. 



Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Filing with white and black Oreos,  White Chocolate Chips, Pepperidge Farm Cookie Chunks, and some other chunks of delicious treats jam packed in there. If you like Oreo's this one is your jam.


Cookie Butter Bomb*

Speculoos Cookie Butter Filing with Shortbread, Stroopwaffle, Pepperidge Farm Cookie Chunks and much more. Carmel-ish, Dulce Dulce, Shortbread decadence 


6 Peanut butter cups

*may contains nuts, sugar, gluten, dairy, and are non-vegan. Shipping only to the continental US at this time.